Entrepreneur #4 Matias Carreno

Sep 26, 2019

Here's our fourth finalist to the Somos21 Sydney Get Real Pitch Event:

Entrepreneur #4 Matias Carreno

✅ Studied Journalism in Chile, became a videographer for over a decade, and moved to Australia 8 years ago to reinvent himself and took it as an opportunity to relive his old dream of becoming a chef.

✅ Traveled around various places in Central and South America so he knows Latin American culture has so much to offer and could be better connected with others in Sydney.

✅ He wants to build a network that connects people through food, developing the first Sydney Latin American food Vlog: A guide to where and how to eat Latin American food in Sydney.

✅ His business model consists of a content creator makes, someone that builds a community can generate an income from diverse sources including advertising, partnerships, working with brands, video gigs, online courses and much more.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/matiasprensa/playlists

Come along on 16th October and find out more about Andrea as he pitches for mentoring!

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To register, click the link HERE.

To connect and be inspired by more incredible Latin American and Australian professionals, join the growing Somos21 community.

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