Australia and Mexican relations have grown stronger in recent years, thanks to a combination of strong diplomatic ties and good business investments.

What this means is that tourism between the two countries has increased over the years. Each year, there are always first-time travelers from either country preparing to make their trip to the other country and experience all the sights and sounds. And like every other first time, their first times are never perfect.

Luckily, we have some tips for first-time travelers, whether you're booking a flight to Mexico or Australia or even both! These tips are designed to ensure your trip will be efficient, hassle-free, and as safe as possible!

1. Know your toilet terminology - Australia and Mexico have their own terms for labeling their public restrooms. For Mexico, the ladies' rooms are generally marked with an "M," which is the Spanish word for "mujeres" which means "woman." Men's are labeled with an "H" or "hombre" meaning "Men" in Spanish. For Australia, they label their restrooms as "gents" and "ladies." They're also known as the dunny and the loo.

2. Familiarize yourself with the seasons - Seasons can make or break any trip, not only because of the weather but also because of the number of activities that are only available during certain seasons. Mexico only has two seasons, wet and dry, while Australia has four — summer, winter, fall, and spring. Be sure to check both the schedule and the weather forecast for more information.

3. Adjust your travel schedule to enjoy each country – While traveling can be an expensive endeavor, the experience you will have of traveling through each country more than makes up for the price. Australia’s and Mexico’s major cities and small towns have so much to show to tourists, so many new sights and places to go. You should also book extended stays at your chosen hotel so that you’ll have more time to explore the locals.

4. Don’t overpack – First-time travelers can be understandably excited about their very first journey into Australian and Mexican culture. But getting yourself too excited can lead to overthinking, which leads to overpacking and overcompensating. Overpacking would result in carrying around extra luggage and forcing yourself to bear the extra burden. And when it’s time to look for something, more time is lost rummaging through each and every bag. So keep the number of things you need to bring at a more manageable level

5. Be safe – Tourists are often the targets of thieves and pickpockets. So be always on the lookout for areas that many petty criminals will take advantage of such as dark and remote areas. Always keep a firm grip on your belongings when traveling out during the day. And most importantly never travel out on your own at night, always stick together in a group.

Whether it’s Mexicans traveling to Australia, Australians traveling to Mexico, or anyone from another country wanting to visit either, then it never hurts to take further steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip! A trip to Mexico and Australia, especially during this time of the year, is something you should definitely take advantage of.

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