Australia and Ecuador's Growing International Relation

A healthy relationship between the two countries may sound rather farfetched in today's pessimistic world. But when you look at the relationship between countries such as Ecuador and Australia, you'd be pretty surprised.

At first Australia and Ecuador may not have much in terms of international relations. But when you look at it closer, there's a lot more than meets the eye. While relations between the two countries goes way back in the late 1800s, the relationship is solid yet ever-growing stronger, much to the delight and optimism of many.

Trade between the two remains largely unchanged in the last few years. But to many, it remains a good thing as trade in the last few years remains solid as ever, with Australia raking in as much as five million Australian dollars. Petroleum remains as Ecuador's most profitable export, followed by bananas, shrimp, and flowers.

Bananas and shrimp are a delicacy worldwide, even in Australia. And yes, you'd be surprised too if you learn that Ecuador's export market for flowers ranks up there as one of their top exports. Flowers grown on Ecuadorian soil (such as the ever-popular rose, sunflowers, and Chrysanthemums) are after all have caught the eyes of artists and designers from all over the world.

Bilateral agreements have been taking place as far back as the late 1800s, from the extradition treaty to hosting a convention in 1892, a treaty on mutual assistance in criminal matters in 1997, to more recently in October of 2019 when the Vice-Minister from Ecuador attended a conference for mining and resources.

The Ecuadorian population in Australia has also seen a surge in recent years thanks to the steady relationship between the two nations. Years of trade and tourism has exposed Ecuadorians to Australia's shining shores. Ecuadorian professionals and graduates migrate to Australia year by year, and each year seeing a steady rise of immigrants from the Latin American country. And though despite the increasing difficulty of immigration in recent years due to an ever-changing society, Australia still remains as a top destination for immigrants from all over the world because of their less strict policies.

While the Ecuadorian population in Australia still remains at a very minimal level of less than ten-thousand, Ecuadorian-Australians has established a small but growing community in Australia and would celebrate Ecuadorian holidays and traditions. According to a 2006 census, there were about less than 1,500 Ecuadorians living in Australia. And with relations growing steadily stronger each year, no doubt it would attract more Ecuadorian migrants and professionals.

Like any other healthy bilateral international relationship, there's a lot of positive goings-on between the two countries. Each year would bring in more good news, more positive developments, more hopeful investors, more solid trade, and more bilateral cooperation. Ecuadorians, Australians, and Ecuadorian-Australians remain hopeful for the future between the two countries. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

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