How to travel smart from Costa Rica to Australia and vice versa?

There's nothing like traveling to a different country and experience all the distinct culture that they'll offer to tourists. And while international may seem like a simple matter of booking a flight and boarding a plane like any other local flight, that's where the similarities end.

International relations between Costa Rica and Australia have remained just strong as it was before, which would mean it's all smooth sailing for international travel between both countries. Unfortunately, many a newcomer would run headlong into an issue or two about traveling between both countries.

It's one thing to prepare for a trip abroad, it's a whole another issue of preparing for a trip abroad to a country whose laws, let alone the culture and customs, you know so very little about. Costa Rica and Australia are vastly different at a surface level, their cultures, history, music, etc., even down to their laws. But for Australians who want to live in Costa Rica or for Australians who want to migrate to Costa Rica, it's going to take a lot of smart planning so that the travel and/or migration process moves along smoothly.

First and foremost, check your travel documents! Your visa is the most important proof validation that you have. And without it, you will not be able to travel. Your visa must be valid for at least six months even after your return so that you'll have plenty of room to renew it.

It's also advisable to notify your bank about your intention to travel to Costa Rica or Australia so that when you make international purchases with your ATM card, your purchases will not be rejected. Another thing to remember to take note is that prices may rise and fall between the two countries. For example, the consumer price in Australia is about 30% higher than in Costa Rica. So use this to your advantage when making international purchases

Do your research, especially the laws! For example, in Costa Rica, you can drink and drive. And so while this may sound like an excellent idea if you're in for the parties and drinking, not so much for the average tourist especially at night, where you may encounter drunk people driving around.

Another you should check when migrating is the travel status and restriction of the target country. Checking the news is always a great source of information. Are there noteworthy developments in each country that would result in either a restriction of travel or would see a rise in travelers? Anything can happen on a daily basis, and plans can change at the drop of a hat.

These are only a handful of tips to ensure much safer travel from Australia to Costa Rica, and vice versa. But at the end of the day, both countries are doing very well in recent years, and a perfect opportunity for the Australian and Costa Rican citizen to experience the adventure of international travel.

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