Before, Latin America is only associated with a vibrant culture and history. People only placed their attention on the region’s cultural exoticism. But now, it has growing economic influence. People are looking at it because of its global impact in terms of trade and economics.

Australia dived into it, forming a solid relationship with Latin America over the past few years. As a foreign economic trend, Australia saw an opportunity to form a bilateral relationship that will benefit both sides.

And because of that, Latin America and Australia’s relationship could be a model to other nations, showing hindrances as geographical distance, cultural differences and language barrier as insignificant matters in the affair of growth and business. Now, both have helped each other to foster development in the aspect of education, agriculture, business, technology, and trade. They have formed programs, dialogues, and legislative acts to strengthen this newfound opportunity. 

But how does Australia found its way to work with Latin America?


The world is changing and part of its nature is globalization. Because of technology, the world becomes more connected. Australia has jumped into this path and seek opportunities that could have a good impact on its economic standing and social development. Australia knows that going beyond the old ways and welcoming globalization with the region of Latin America could mean prosperity and new discoveries. Establishing this relationship with Latin America, Australia is creating new ways to develop their own nation, beyond what their nearby neighbors could offer.

Breaking Misconceptions

The growing bilateral relationship between Australia with Latin America is breaking misconceptions of how foreign affairs should be done. Practically and normally, people will see the relationship as too unlikely because of hindrances, particularly in terms of their distance. But because of this, Australia and Latin America have found growth, by simply breaking the barriers of the standardized international relations.

Australians are discovering new markets and business opportunities in the region of Latin America, with its economic, political, social and cultural offerings. Meanwhile, Latin Americans have found a new home in Australia because of their hospitality, opening opportunities for education, profession, and settlement.

Rising Economic Influence

Because of the rapid change in globalization, Latin America is immensely benefiting from it. As globalization takes place, economic order is also changing. Next, to Asia, Latin America is a region with a growing economic influence that could offer different trade and services in the global market.

Many Latin American countries are developing their economic standing. Brazil has emerged to be one of the world’s rising economic powerhouse, with a market that goes for luxury. Chile, Mexico, and Peru have economic powers that are being noticed in the global scene. 

Discovering Cultural Diversity

Above all, Latin America offers cultural diversity—far different from Australia. Such differences from both regions mean development. As one discovers new accent from the other, it offers new insights about how one nation could grow in terms of trade, service, and culture. Going for this cultural diversity, Australia is welcoming globalization and growth. Meanwhile, Latin America is learning to increase their influence and be placed outside the stereotypes of the world.

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