Stronger ties between Australia and Ecuador, and how it will benefit Ecuadorians

The world continues to change in many ways, whether it's gradual or sudden, predicted or unexpectedly that defies expectations. South America has seen its share of rapid changes in the past decade, and Ecuador is one country that continues to steadily grow with the passage of time, forming strong partnerships with several countries that seek to partner and grow stronger with it, securing trade. And opening the doors for travelers and migrants of both countries to seek better lives in each other's home states. 

The relationship between Ecuador and Australia, their strong partnerships have yielded some good results in the last couple of years. 

For example, in 2015 Ecuadorians showed their support for a new inheritance tax that was to be signed. Along with Latin American communities both in their home states and Australia, many would express their positive views on the inheritance taxation project which, if signed, would mean that wealth would be distributed equally among the people. While it does have its critics, many would urge fellow Ecuadorians to form debates on the issue to better understand the effects it would have. 

Second is the many opportunities created by the stronger partnership between the two countries. Trade and investments between the two countries can always result in economic progress, and it would result in better infrastructure, basic facilities for water, electricity, and food production. The said partnership would also bring in more investors from both countries. One of their bigger aims is to improve the industrial sector, with plans over the next few years to introduce projects for gold, copper, and molybdenum manufacturing.

Australia is always looking to broaden their ties with Ecuador, opening up more opportunities to advance their partnership to greater heights. And while Ecuador's economy has slowed down in recent years, which no doubt would bring some additional challenges for both countries as time passes, there's no doubt in anybody's mind that Ecuador-Australia relations would continue.

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