Australia Takes in Cuban refugees after a failed attempt in the Florida Keys

Stories on migration is an all too common occurrence in everyday life, as many would prefer to seek greener pastures overseas than staying at home. But for the people of Cuba, it's even more so especially with political and economic issues pushing its people to desperate measures of survival.

While many would prefer to travel via plane or car, it's not every day that you hear a story about how Cuban refugees went from struggling on a makeshift raft while staying at a lighthouse in Florida to being resettled in Australia.           

The United States is always known for many stories of refugees discovering the "American Dream," a goal was living in America would mean a life free of hardship compared to your homeland. Despite warming relations between the two countries in recent years, many would resort to drastic measures just to survive. 

In the last five years alone, steps to cease the flow of illegal migrants entering countries has intensified. And unfortunately for these Cuban refugees, they would find themselves coming a bit short as they were intercepted off the coast of Florida Keys while stranded near a lighthouse after their raft started breaking down.

After a year of being detained at Guantanamo Bay, the Australian government stepped in,.agreeing to take these Cuban immigrants under their care. Australia has grown to become an alternate choice for migrants (especially those from Cuba and other Latin American countries) after showing their support to take in more refugees to resettle. And fortunately for the group of 17 refugees who were fearing they would be sent back from the United States, would end up settling down in Brisbane.

While the United States remains to be a popular location for migrants, its stricter stance on illegal immigration has made it more difficult, and in turn, would force migrants to take more desperate measures.  Fortunately, countries like Australia are more willing to accept migrants with open arms, much to the delight of Cubans.

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