Australia is one of the world's top countries in recent years thanks to its rising economy. Each year, it would see hundreds of thousands of people from countries all over the world enter the country either as a tourist, a worker seeking better career opportunities, or someone who simply wants to settle down in the land down under. And for Bolivians who are either aspiring to migrate to Australia or are living there already, there are some surprising facts between the two countries that you may or may not know about.

In recent years, relations between Bolivia and Australia have been going steady. But at a surface level, there are definite differences when you compare the two together.

For example, did you know that in Australia, almost 30% of the population is obese, while it's only 20% in Bolivia? There's a lot of factors to explain this, but one thing is for sure, is that Bolivia worries less about weight problems compared to Australia.

But in terms of electricity, 100% of the population of Australia has access while there are only 90% in Bolivia.

Another surprising little fact is that Bolivia ranks lower in the unemployment rate than Australia by almost 1%. While it may not be much, it still means that both countries can still work together to address this issue.

While Bolivia and Australia have a lot of differences, there are also some similarities that citizens of both countries would find surprisingly similar.

The biggest similarity is in their origins, because of the fact that they both have indigenous roots. Bolivia has the Aymara and the Quechua, while Australia has the Aboriginals. While indigenous populations are higher in Bolivia compared to Australia, the Aboriginals have existed for much longer, yet both have existed long enough that people from both sides have even met on occasion.

Or how about wine? Both countries have their own milestones when it comes to creating and exporting wine. Australia is among the top producers of specific brands of wines, and familiar name such as Margaret River and Barossa Valley would be in any wine aficionado's mind when they think of Australia. Bolivia, meanwhile, not at the top of wine production, they are indeed THE top wine producer in the world, particularly in and around the city of Tarija.
Australia and Bolivia may be different at a glance, but when you take a closer look, they may not be so different in a number of areas.

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