Our Entrepreneurship Is Ready for Part 2: "Get Started!"

Here is a quick summary of what Somos 21 Sydney first entrepreneur series, Get Inspired! looked like and quick sneak pick of what the second event "Get Started" is looking like.

The event Gert inspired brought the opportunity to all of the sydneysiders, this includes any type of student, any young professional and any person that is keen to get some inspiration form the entrepreneurial perspective of this amazing event. Latin America’s Six  top entrepreneurs in Australia, joined this workshop and shared their experience on setting up a business in Sydney, how to keep on been persistent and best of all how to succeed with your idea. It was an amazing opportunity to inhale all the inspiration this setup brought to keep your life in motion. 

Here is a recap of what our attendees thought about this night: 

What did I like tonight?

Meeting self driven Latin people doing business in OZ
Good mentorship. Good environment
It was great to learn that it is possible to start your own business and be successful
Getting to know amazing people with a dream of having their own business

What did I learn tonight?

"Networking is a very useful tool”
Things are possible to achieve"
Failing is part of learning in an entrepreneurial venture
Learn to deal with our fears and don't give up with what we want.
I learned that a good place to start is to meet people and ask them about their experiences
Everything starts with an idea Persistence and patience, keep on learning all the time. Ask for help

What do I want to see next event?

Tools on how to start the business
How to create ideas or brainstorm and validate those
Market research in finding niche market for product or service.
Idea creation, ways to gain funding, ways to set up manufacturers/suppliers etc

And guess what.. Phase 2 is coming next Wednesday June 19th, 2019. To get started! In your entrepreneurial life.

Our spreaker will be Usman Iftikhar

He is a social entrepreneur, passionate about utilising the power of entrepreneurship to solving global warming and the global refugee crisis. He's the CEO of an award-winning startup pre-accelerator called Catalysr, which supports migrant and refugee entrepreneurs to launch their own startups in Australia. Usman also sits on the expert panel for Impact Investment Ready Growth Grants funded by Department of Social Services, providing impact businesses with grants of up to $140,000.  He is also a WEF Global Shaper, Westpac Social Change Fellow 2019, AMP Tomorrow Maker 2018, FYA Young Social Pioneer Alumnus, and the Australian lead for G20 YEA. For his work Usman was named the 2018 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year amongst 1.4 billion young people living in the 53 Commonwealth nations. 

Usman says: I have been inspired by the work of Dr. Abdus Salam - Pakistan's one and only Nobel Laureate in Physics, who also set up Pakistan's Space Research Program and worked tirelessly on science education for people from developing nations.

Don’t miss out part two of our entrepreneurship series and keep up all the inspiration from our previous event to come up with ideas and get started!

Register here:http://somos21.org/events/18802

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