Our first Entrepreneur Series is just around the corner!

One day to go! Somos 21 Sydney and Brisbane is ready to roll out their first entrepreneur series, Get Inspired!

Bringing the opportunity to all of the Sydneysiders, this includes any type of student, any young professional and any person that is keen to get some inspiration from this amazing event.


We have reached out to Latin America’s top entrepreneurs in Australia, who will join us this Wednesday in a workshop where you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and inhale all the inspiration this setup will bring to keep your life in motion.


This is our Top Entrepreneurs who will be joining the series:

SWIMWEARS from Latin America -  Lili  

Tolu Australia was created by two Colombians in 2013, to connect the unique and sophisticated offering from Latin American Swimwear brands with the inquisitive demand of Australian resort wear buyers.

Despite the huge distance between Colombia and Australia, the two countries have outstanding commonalities; Colombia is a country with a wide offering of talented young designers and emerging Latin American Swimwear brands such as #touchecollection, #palmacea, #malai, #estivo, #milongaswim, #hanniacharartwear, #kibys, #makastia. Similarly, Australia is a country where the sun and the sea play a big role in people’s lives. The spectacularly warm weather and beaches welcome throngs of visitors and tourist all year round. 

TROPEAKA  - Conquer The Day The Healthy Way -  Caleb  

Tropeaka vision is to have you feel your best. They believe everybody deserves the right to feel their best from the inside-out. This should be a daily occurring expectation, not a fleeting moment of youth.

More, when we are blessed to be living in a world that has access to powerful superfoods that can transform a person’s body to a state of optimum health and in doing so, transform a person’s life.

Tropeaka has developed a passion to help you live a powerful, energy-filled life and we want to invite you to come on the journey with us.



From time to time, we all face challenges that make us feel overwhelmed and distressed, however with the right support and skills set we can turn a challenge into a growing opportunity. Qualita provides high quality psychological services to our clients that will offer them the opportunity to enhance their emotional wellbeing in all aspects of their lives. Their team is formed by highly experienced, compassionate and empathetic psychologists, working from a welcoming and safe environment. They are proud to provide services that meet individual needs and that are focused on personal and professional flourishing.


This business name holds particular significance; Don is a title used in Spanish and Italian as an indication of respect for the bearer and Adán was the name of our patriarch who expanded the family’s holdings. He was a doctor, who turned to coffee farming in order to provide free medical treatment.

In 1997, Gerardo Adán Barrios and his son, Gerardo Adán Barrios Junior imported the first shipment of high quality Honduran coffee into Sydney, Australia. At this time, most commercial operations in Sydney were focused on un-roasted coffee, known as green beans. Our first step was to make our beans available to existing gourmet roasters within the Sydney area.



They are a boutique Sydney caterer inspired by South America. They take pride in delivering sensational food to corporate events, weddings and private parties in Sydney and NSW. At CHAPA they work with you to create the event of your dreams.They’ll imagine, create and serve the food.

Whether you are entertaining clients, planning a private event, or a dream wedding we help you create an occasion to remember.  They cater in all spaces: boardrooms, marquees,  warehouse spaces, in your home or out in your garden.

Dont miss out this great opportunity and we look forward to see you all there. 

If you're interested in broadening your horizons, your networks, and your perception of what's possible - then this event is definitely for you! Don't miss the chance to GET INSPIRED! Register now! https://somos21.org/events/16977 Generously hosted by UTS Startups.

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