By: Catalina Martinez Pinto

Inspire has become a pretty trendy word nowadays: but, what does inspire means?

It comes from the latin word inspirare that translates to “breath or blow into”.

It is also describe as ‘an initial glow’, followed by a “feeling of tickly well-being” and after a few days a lighting bolt hits you.  Have you ever felt this before?

They also say, that Newton’s first law of motion applies not only to physical objects, but also to your own #inspiration - an object in motion stays in motion -

And now the question is… what can you do to get inspired?

Somos 21 has organized a series of 3 events across Sydney and Brisbane as part of a unique entrepreneurship series in collaboration with fishburners. With an exceptional cast of entrepreneur speakers who will share their journey, the opportunities in market and empower you to believe in yourself and create something!

And guess what… if you are looking to nurture your inspiration bucket, this is sometimes all you need to do when you are in situations where you feel lack of motivation or orientation of what you should do next in life. Bounce ideas off of other people. When you're feeling stuck, reach out for some help. Just talking about the issue with someone else can help get your creative juices flowing.

If you're interested in broadening your horizons, your networks, and your perception of what's possible - then this event is definitely for you! Don't miss the chance to GET INSPIRED! Register now! Generously hosted by UTS Startups.

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