A gun team of UQ MBA students has been working solidly over the past few months to conduct user-centred design and product testing for Somos21's online connection and collaboration platform.

Today the MBA students presented their findings and recommendations to members of the Somos21 Board and platform management team.

With over 46 years of combined experience in engineering and customer relationship management across various sectors, the standard of work delivered by UQ's MBA students over the past few months has been truly outstanding. The final presentation and report were certainly no exception.

We are so grateful to all the team members for the their contribution and look forward to implementing their recommendations over the coming months as we finalise platform configuration prior to public launch.  We also look forward to working with UQ Business and Practera on more student projects in future.

Somos21's online platform is currently available in beta-testing mode at somos21.org  We invite all those interested in the Australia Latin America relationship to create a free profile and trial the new functionality. 

Configuration to optimise functionality for specific user-groups will continue through 2018 with official launch scheduled for February 2019.

A massive thank you to all our current platform users for their ongoing feedback and contributions. 

And congratulations to the UQ MBA team for completing their final Capstone project!!

MBA CAPSTONE TEAM (left to right): Duncan Scott, Michael Shen, Priyan Rupasinghe, Claire Cunningham (mentor), and Juan Rodriguez.

PHOTO (left to right): Duncan Scott (UQ), Juan Suarez (Somos21), Michael Shen (UQ), Priyan Rupasinghe (UQ), Kate Bennett (Somos21), Andres Arroyo (Somos21), Juan Lopez (Somos21) and Juan Rodriguez (UQ).


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