Governance of Somos21
Somos21 was formerly established as a Company Limited by Guarantee in May 2016. Our Constitution is available below.
Download Somos21 Constitution
Our Inaugural AGM was held on 15 November, 2017, which saw the election of seven Directors to the Board.
Officeholders were nominated and elected at the first Board Meeting on 6 December, 2017. 
Board Directors are re-nominated and re-elected by the membership on an annual basis.
Current Board of Directors
  1. Kate Bennett
    Kate Bennett
    Sustainable Development | Australia
  2. Andres Arroyo (SECRETARY)
    Andres Arroyo (SECRETARY)
    International Relations | Uruguay
  3. Monica Arce Garcia
    Monica Arce Garcia
    Strategic Branding | Australia, El Salvador
  4. Jasmine Sliger (CHAIR)
    Jasmine Sliger (CHAIR)
    Organisational Psychology | Colombia, Australia
  5. Juan Suarez (TREASURER)
    Juan Suarez (TREASURER)
    Finance and Insurance | Colombia, Australia
  6. Shannon Semenikow
    Shannon Semenikow
    Entrepreneurship, Migration | Australia
  7. Antonio Castillo
    Antonio Castillo
    Science, Innovation, Gov't Relations | Chile, Australia
Somos21 Directors' experience, qualifications and responsibilities are outlined in the Directors' Overview available below.
Download Directors' Overview


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